Something Different

If your business is looking to avoid falling into the channel-letter-sign rut, a great alternative option could be a backlit sign. Perhaps it’s simply because they are not as ubiquitous as channel letter signs, but backlit signs tend to give air of modern design and sophistication to the businesses whose buildings they grace.

sale backlit signDenver Sign Company backlit signs feature opaque lettering or design elements with bright LED lighting shining out from behind. The light splashes onto the design background or directly onto the wall on which the sign is mounted. The later can be particularly attractive if the sign is mounted on brick or wood.

There are many creative lighting options with backlit signs. The color of the lighting used truly dictates the overall effect of the sign, especially at night. You will often see the lettering or design rendered in a neutral metallic color, while the lights shining from behind are what add color to the sign. These LED lights can be set to any color in the spectrum and are usually dialed in to the color of the company.

Sleek and Modern

Due to their sleek and modern appearance, backlit signs are also popular for use as lobby signs. A well-designed backlit sign on the wall or reception desk of your office can be quite eye-catching and sets an air sophistication and professionalism that no other sign can match.

With light being such an integral part of the overall effect of a backlit sign, they can be tricky to design. Not just any logo will easily translate into a backlit sign. Most need at least some graphic design work. Unless a logo is a simple silhouette to begin with, there will be modification needed to translate a logo into a shape that can be made into a backlit sign. Our experienced designers know exactly how to do this and would be happy to transform your logo into a backlit masterpiece.