Experts in custom lightbox displays

Lightbox signs are a great way to make your message stand out, day or night. They are easily visible from a distance and in any lighting.

hearts and hands light box signThese signs can take on many forms. Technically, any enclosed box with internal lighting illuminating a translucent sign from within is a lightbox sign. Denver Sign Company specializes in the design and print of custom outdoor lightbox signs in the Denver Metro area. With over 500 signs successfully printed and installed, we consider ourselves experts in custom lightbox displays.

Our signs are constructed from heavy grade aluminum and can be sized to meet any specific need. The lighting components are internal and protected from the elements, making lightbox signs perfect for outdoor applications. The sign face allows the light shine through brightly and call attention to your business or organization.

Take advantage of our full-color wide format printing on our UV flatbed printer. No more costly vinyl stickers or faded laminates, Denver Sign Company proudly uses the Roland Flatbed technology to offer our customers a superior product.

We offer a variety of sign materials. Acrylic and Lexan are the commonly used materials. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Though acrylic, also commonly known as plexiglass, cracks easier, it is also shinier, less expensive, and it has better transparency and clarity than Lexan. Two common uses for acrylic are fish tanks and hockey rink glass. Lexan, a GE brand name for a type of polycarbonate, is more flexible and impact resistant (200x stronger than untempered glass), but it is easier to scratch. It is also more expensive.

Western centers lightbox signAny shape, size, or color

We highly recommend the finish and longevity that Lexan signs provide, but ultimately, the decision on which material is right for your sign will come down to a number of factors. These include appearance, durability, and cost. One of our experienced project managers can help you make the right choice for your project.

Denver Sign Company can produce any shape, size, or color custom sign. Standing out to drive by traffic or presenting your brand proudly in your lobby is not something that should be overlooked. Our talented design and install team would be happy to review your location and sign needs. Every little detail matters when it comes to getting the best price and the highest visibility for your sign. Denver Sign Company is here to help with a free sign consultation.

We offer sign installation and sign repair services throughout the Denver metro area and Colorado. We have over 15 years of experience installing and repairing custom printed signs in Denver. Lexan signs can be particularly tricky because the material can scratch or break if mishandled. With over 500 custom signs installed, we guarantee our work and know that you will be happy with your final product. Larger signs may require that an outside installation company assist. Denver Sign Company can make several recommendations as to who would be good for your job.