custom neaon signIn a class by itself

Neon signs are a tried, true, and reliable type of illuminated sign. They have been in use for over a century.

Sure you can get a passable LED knock off, but nothing beats the romanticism and nostalgia of a real neon sign. Add an element of class to your establishment with a custom-made neon sign from Denver Sign Company.

Real neon signs have declined in popularity in recent years, due mainly to the ease and cost-efficiency of using LED lighting. LED lights have replaced neon as the go-to light in many types of signs. While LED signs may be brighter and less expensive, it undeniable that neon signs just look better. Not only is the light warmer and more pleasing to the eye, but a well-made neon sign is as much a work of art as it is a sign.

neon motel signThe craft of creating neon signs – bending glass tubes and filling them with inert gas which illuminates when electricity is passed through – has been around since 1910. The most commonly used gases are neon, which burns a bright red color, and argon, which burns blue. Most other colors are achieved by tinting the glass. In some cases, other types of gases, such as helium, xenon, or krypton, are used.


The energy efficiency of LED lighting is often touted. Neon, however, is nearly as energy efficient as LED. It was one of the first forms of lighting to be “Green Energy Certified” by the US Department of Energy. While LED lighting does use slightly less energy, the savings that you would see on your electric bill due to choosing an LED sign over neon would be mere pennies a year.

The Denver Sign Company can craft a neon sign to your exact specifications. Imagine your message, company name, or logo in bright neon light! Contact us today to discuss your project.