A Powerful Tool

A restaurant’s menu is a powerful tool. It is a first impression. It is a “welcome” sign. It is what gets customers excited about being where they are. It says, “You’re about to EAT! Rejoice!”

Whether a menu is presented in a brochure or menu board format, its purpose remains the same. Because a brochure-style menu is more personal, it probably has a slight advantage over a menu board as a welcoming tool. If a menu board is well-designed, however, it does not need to fall far behind.

A menu board can, of course, display item names and prices as a paper menu would, but it has one main added advantage: Flexibility.

Changing out the display on most types of menu boards is easy. With only one menu board in the restaurant, as opposed to many paper menus, interchangeability becomes easy.

You can change out food images, perhaps displaying the special items for the particular day. It is also easy to change prices. Raise prices during busy seasons, for example, and then easily lower them again when business slows. Or maybe you just want to change between breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. All of this is easy and cost effective with a menu board.

Denver Pizza Company menu board



A printed menu board is ideal for businesses that have a consistent menu or list of services. This type of sign is cost effective, durable and has a great presentation that your customers will appreciate. These types of signs are considered cost-effective, based on the type of material selected, to have printed on and mounted. Our experts will ask the right questions in order to provide you with the most accurate quote possible and, if required, we are prepared to have a professional installer make a site visit. Site visits can be extremely beneficial for the sign maker and the sign client. It gives both parties the opportunity to discuss in detail the process, location, structure, and time frame. At Denver Sign Company we are extremely proud to offer such fast service and professional project management. Our team will be with you every step of the way.

The advantages of using printed menu boards:

Visual improvement: Give your customers a high quality, well-designed menu to order from and you will be surprised how well it converts and answers the customers’ questions before they even think to ask them.

Marketing tool: Customers may find it odd for you to have a gigantic promotional sign hanging inside your store for no particular reason. Well, a menu board GIVES you that reason. You can take advantage of the space that a menu board provides and market to potential customers who are in your store and ready to buy.

Cost effectiveness: Depending on the selected material, your sign can be a big cost-saver over brochure-style menus. It won’t be long before your sign is making you enough money to more than cover the cost of having it made.

Easy to install: Save money by having a light-weight and easy to move and install menu board. Some types of printed menu boards are even easy to move around and adjust based on traffic flow and store remodeling.


Increase the flexibility factor even more by going with a digital menu board. When you can control your menu display from a remote computer, you won’t even need a ladder to change out your menu board options. In fact, because digital menu boards can be programmed to change on a schedule, you may not have to be involved with changing your menu at all.

3 margaritas menu board mockDigital menu boards also provide a high level of visibility. With a printed menu, you will have to worry about poor lighting or glare from a window obstructing parts of the menu. With a digital display, there are no such concerns. The brightness of the display may even draw customers in from outside.

Here are some other unique things that our customers have done with digital menu boards:

Display the waiting time for each food.
Display emergency alerts. It could be about a pending thunderstorm or any major news item.
Entertainment: You can have the menu board that changes its appearance every few minutes, or that shows videos. Use your menu board to entertain your guests while they wait.

Consult with our staff to find the best menu option for your business.