white a-frame signCost Effective & Convenient

These cost effective signs, also called sandwich board signs and sidewalk signs, are also quite eye-catching and the ease with which the message can be changed makes them very convenient.

Target messaging is important in today’s market, but is is also challenging and can seem a bit overwhelming, not to mention the high cost associated with such campaigns. A-frame signs are a simple and inexpensive way of doing the most direct and effective target marketing possible: Pulling passersby directly into your store and turning them into customers!

Denver Sign Company offers a wide selection of plastic, metal and hanging A-frame signs that are sure to match your marketing needs and budget.  The sign experts at Denver Sign Company have planned, designed, printed and installed hundreds of A-frames for local businesses. Our goal is to make sure you get exactly what your business needs to succeed.


– Attention grabbing. A pedestrian walking by a store is much more likely to notice a sign right in front of them than a sign overhead.
– Multiple Designs. Most types of a-frames and sidewalk signs allow you to easily swap out the display. Order multiple prints and change your message as you desire.
– Convenience. Move them around. Put them outside. Put them inside. Put them in your car. A-frames are the ultimate in sign-portability.
– Affordability. If you are to compare price vs. message effectiveness, there is no better bang for the buck than an a-frame!

Sidewalk signs can work for a restaurant that is promoting happy hour specials or live music, a barber shop offering a deal, or nail salon displaying seasons nail fashions and finishes. Even a large retailer advertising a new sale or announcing a new line of products can reach multiple target markets with individual messages with one low-cost investment. Your A-frame sign will generate unmatched return-on-investment and outlast most sign and print solutions.  With the ability to interchange graphics depending on the season or special, your advertising can adapt on the fly.


Denver Sign Company has a full design department that can help bring your vision to life.  The design of your sandwich board sign is important and it is crucial that your sign is both visually appealing as well as functional.  Directing traffic to your business is easy with a properly designed A-frame sign from Denver Sign Company. Contact us today for a graphic design quote.