cenco yard signLittle Signs, Big Impact

They are some of the smallest signs that we offer, but properly placed yard signs are a great advertising tool for any business. A well-designed sign can generate a ton of high-quality leads. We’ve all seen yard signs supporting political candidates and causes or advertising “We buy Junk Cars” or “We Buy Ugly Houses.”

Using the latest in flatbed printing technology, Denver Sign Company can produce stunning full-color yard signs that grab attention and allow small businesses to explore high-impact advertising in a whole new way.

Ideal for real estate agents, landscaping and lawn companies, roofers, politicians, trade services, events and much more. Our sturdy plastic signs get a ton of attention when placed in the yard of a supporter or a house that you recently did work on.

Our yard signs come in several different sizes. Our smallest start at 12 x 18, next is an 18 x 24, and then our largest size is a 24 x 36. You have the option to print on a single side or add color to both sides with double-sided printing.


The design of your custom yard sign is extremely important to the success of the sign. Sure there are several other factors such as the message and the placement of the signs. But nothing has a larger impact on the success of the sign than the quality of the design. Denver Sign Company’s skilled graphic designers have designed hundreds of yard signs for a wide variety of businesses, politicians, political causes, lawn care services, and legal assistance services.

There is no limit to who can benefit from a custom printed yard sign in Denver. They may not last long on public property but they should quickly pay for themselves if placed in high traffic areas.