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If you have ever visited a friend or family member living in a large and unfamiliar apartment complex, you know that a directory map is an absolute necessity. A directory with just a list of names and unit numbers only gives half of the information that a visitor needs. In a small apartment building this can work out okay, but on a property with multiple buildings, visitors can be left feeling frustrated and hopeless without a map.

post and panel directory map with glassDon’t leave your property’s visitors feeling like they regret they ever came. A well thought out and easy-to-read directory map will lead them directly where they want to go, and those good vibes will pay dividends for your property in the future. Did you know that 85 percent of all consumers rely on the opinions of their family and friends when making a purchasing decision? This applies to a consumer’s decision on where to live, as well. And if the potential tenant has personally visited your property and had either a positive or negative experience, their mind may already be made up. Don’t let that negative experience come from not being able to find who they are looking for.

Custom Design

While having a large map of your property made may sound like a great idea, it is something easier said than done. It is not as though you can just Google your address and find a usable map. One has to be created. This is why most map directory projects are custom design jobs. Denver Sign Company map design experts on staff excel at creating accurate and easy-to-read map displays. And just because your sign is a map and directory does not mean that it needs to be boring looking. Our designers will use their trained eyes to design your map and directory so that in blends with the feel of your property, instead of standing out like a sore … map.

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