Marketing in Motion

taco johns car wrapThere is no better way to advertise your business than with custom vehicle graphics printed and installed by the Denver Sign Company. Every single day your vehicle or fleet of vehicles could be missing out on valuable exposure while on the road. Think of it as a driving billboard with your brand, logo, message, and contact information in front of hundreds of potential customers. With the rising cost of billboards, radio ads, and television, the cost of wrapping your vehicle is easily justified with the amount of ROI it could generate.

Denver Sign Company offers vehicle graphic options to fit every budget:
  • Full vehicle wrap: When it comes to vehicle graphics, you’re basically paying for the amount coverage on your vehicle. As such, full wraps are our most expensive graphic option. But boy does a fully wrapped vehicle pack a powerful marketing punch! Because fully wrapped vehicles are still relatively rare, when you see one on the street it draws all eyes.
  • Vinyl graphics and lettering: The next step down from a full wrap, partial graphics and/or lettering can be anything from simple DOT numbers to partial graphics that are as effective as a full wrap if done correctly. The pricing on this option varies widely, depending on the amount of vinyl used.
  • Window graphics: Using perforated vinyl (ie: vinyl with little holes it), it is possible to place graphics over your vehicle windows. This vinyl allows you to see through your windows from the inside while showing solid graphics on the outside. When combined wth a full or partial wrap, this can make for a unique artistic effect on your vehicle.
  • Magnets: If you’re not ready to go “ALL-IN” and apply adhesive to your vehicle(s), or if you’d just rather not have to drive a billboard on the weekends, magnets are a great temporary option. Magnets are usually sold in pairs for the two front doors, Denver Sign Company recommends having a third magnet printed for the rear of the car.  The back bumper can often get 50% more daily views than the sides of the vehicle. Every Car magnet is UV printed and printed directly to the magnet material surface. We then add another layer of UV protected laminate.
  • eric pizza car topperCar-top signs: They’re not just for taxis and pizza delivery companies! Any business can benefit from a noticeable car-topper. These can be permanently attached with screws, or magnets can be used for a removable sign. They can also be illuminated from within.

If it moves, we’ve put vinyl on it

Well … not quite. We haven’t done an airplane yet. But we could! We have done cars, trucks, vans, garbage trucks, motorcycles, boats, buses, and trains (the latter two thanks to RTD). We’ve also done a few odd-ball items, such as a refrigerator and a beer keg. If you have something that you think would look cool wrapped in custom graphic, give us a call. We might be able to make it happen!

propane taxi wrap

Professional Installation

On our staff is a seasoned vehicle wrap installer who has worked on well over a thousand vehicles in his career.  We know exactly how to wrap your specific vehicle. And you can rest assured the printing of the wrap will be perfect. When the custom car prints are perfectly designed and matched to the template of the car, the actual installation process is much easier.  You will be 100% satisfied with a vehicle wrap from Denver Print Company.