bike racks sandblasted signHit the Perfect Note

A word that comes to mind when considering carved signs is “Craftsmanship”. The old fashioned hand-carved look of a routed or sandblasted sign calls to mind a bygone era. For the right business, a well made routed sign can hit the perfect note for your customers before they even walk in the door.

More Than Wood

Traditional routed signs are, of course, carved from wood. While wood is still an option, modern routed signs can be made from a variety of different materials including PVC plastic, HDU (a high density foam), acrylic, and even metal. Signs made from these alternate materials can often be designed and produced to replicate the look of wood, and are usually more budget-friendly. They also provide design options that would be impossible to carve into a wooden sign. HDU routed signs, for example, are often carved to produce a faux stone finish.

HDU can be used to produce a thicker sign (up to 12 inches) but wood is a stronger material for longer, flatter signs. Weather resistance is something to consider as well. Wood signs can warp or crack in extreme temperature and moisture situations, whereas HDU is engineered to be 100% weatherproof. If you are interested in a routed sign, Denver Sign Company can consult with you on your project to help you find the best material for your sign.

bakery routed sign antique lookBoth sandblasted and routed signs have a similar antique kind of look and are made from the same types of material, but they are produced in quite different ways. Both types start with a blank sheet of the sign material. In the case of sandblasted signs, the blank material is masked with a computer plotted rubber sandblast stencil and the background is then sand-blasted down, so that the lettering and design stand up, in relief. For routed signs, the blank sheet is painted the background color of the design, and the letters and graphics are carved down into the material. The carvings are then painted the appropriate color(s).

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