All About Presentation

Lobby signs are about presentation. Presentation to customers and clients, of course, but also presentation, to your employees. It is a method for announcing a presence as well as marketing the brand as a product.

The first impression is the final one. It is the goal of any company to make a positive first, second, third, fourth, and final impression. An attractive lobby is very important for this. It should quickly impress clients.

What are the indications of a good lobby sign?

The lobby sign should create a welcoming atmosphere. The design should be simple and immediate. A cluttered sign is a sign that gets overlooked. One should be able to get a feel for the tone of the company from its lobby sign.

What are the advantages of having a good lobby sign?

– You are able to create a good first impression on your client.
– You will be able to gain your clients’ confidence by having a good lobby sign. They will know that they are dealing with a disciplined and orderly business.
– You will be able to advertise your brand to your clients right in the reception area itself. If a potential customer is in your lobby, they obviously already have some interest in your company. A lobby sign can help to seal the deal.
– A well-designed lobby sign can speak a thousand, neigh, a million words. It can replace 100 advertising campaigns. Your customers take with them a favorable image of your company and its products. This will improve sales and have a positive effect on your bottom line over the long term.

There are various types of lobby signs. They can be banners, wall graphics, channel letter, backlit, or something else. Window decals can even make a great lobby sign.

Live Consulting lobby sign

Materials used to design lobby signs

The most common material used for designing lobby signs is acrylic. People also use vinyl signs and even flex boards. Copper or bronze can also be used to give a rich and ultra-sophisticated look.

As most people use acrylic lobby signs, let’s take a look at the benefits of using acrylic lobby signs.

The benefits of using acrylic lobby signs:

– Similar in appearance to glass, but more durable.
– Can be used indoors and outdoors.
– Easy to clean. A clean piece of cloth and soapy water is enough to clean the acrylic lobby signs.
– Very light in weight and easy to install.
– Versatile. You can choose from a broad range of colors. Letters and designs can be easily etched in.
– LEDs can be easily attached for lighting effects.

Usually, a company thinks first of creating a good impression for customers when conceiving a lobby sign. Product marketing is often the second thought that comes to mind. Companies are usually not aware of another benefit of lobby signs: The connection that they build between employees and the company.

How a lobby sign can affect company morale:

Sense of companionship: Your lobby sign represents your company. It greets every employee every day. It is a witness to the activities of all your employees. Hence, there is a sense of companionship between the lobby sign and your employees.
Sense of safety: The lobby sign is a powerful entity. It gives a sense of long-term commitment to the employees and is a sign of safety of their jobs. (It gives the same sense to your customers as well.)
Sense of belonging: The lobby sign is the emblem of the company. Your employees get a feeling of pride and belonging.
Sense of job satisfaction: Your lobby sign can infuse a sense of organizational commitment resulting in job satisfaction.